When it comes time to remodeling your kitchen and deciding whether to update your appliances or not. Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow, especially if something goes wrong with your appliance. If it’s more than halfway through its lifespan and will cost half as much to repair as to replace, replace it. You may save headaches (and more repairs) in the long run. And upgrading your appliance to a newer model may be greener and save you some money, too. SemBro works with a several leading edge appliance manufactures that have options for all budgets.


ZLINE Kitchen and Bath provides Attainable Luxury, where the kitchen and bath of your dreams is never out of reach. From professionally styled ranges and hoods, to elegant shower systems and bath fixtures, you are sure to achieve your home’s true aesthetic. Founded on passion and perfected through purpose, ZLINE Kitchen and Bath has become the absolute industry leader in designer kitchen and bath appliances - providing unique finishes and unparalleled quality to the spaces that mean the most. Their products bring excitement to homes and breathe life into remodels.

Fisher & Paykel

The idea of the Social Kitchen underpins F&P's design philosophy in developing flexible appliances that can be distributed throughout your kitchen and tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. It is both a concept and a lived experience that connects people with food and design. The Social Kitchen draws on a deep understanding of patterns of use. The kitchen is no longer just a place where food is made. It is where we meet to talk about our day, where homework is done, where we engage and interact as families and friends.

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